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Hello! Thank you for visiting to my little corner of the internet. My name is Sophie, and I'm a 22 year old creative soul from Norway.

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Why Lanzarote is Worth a Visit

November 11, 2019 No Comments

The Canary Islands are a great destination for a relaxing holiday, where you are almost guaranteed warm weather. Depending on what you make of it, and how you prioritize, it can also be a rather affordable place to travel to. My family and I went to the Canary Islands a lot when I was younger, mainly to Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. But we stopped quite quickly. Package style holidays are not my mum’s favourites and I have to admit I agree with her. I often avoid the southern parts of the mainland in Spain, because they’re too dominated by tourists. I quickly miss seeing some form of culture there. Being able to buy Norwegian brown cheese in the local shop in Spain feels completely wrong to me. I often prefer going to smaller towns, and places that feel more genuin.

So, why Lanzarote?

Just hours ago I booked an all inclusive stay on Gran Canaria with a friend of mine, where our main goal is having one week of pure relaxation after a year of hard work. For once, where I’m going isn’t a top priority. What was important was palm trees, a sun lounger and a pool. When we go to Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, we are hardly ever at the hotel. The Canary Islands have an amazing moon-like landscape, far from what you imagine before you go there yourself. This is complemented by the strict building regulations on Lanzarote, where you’ll see no twelve floor hotels, but instead beautiful white houses scattered around towns. This leaves you to see the colourful sunsets over the volcanos and the other islands in the horizon. It feels like the island has a personality of its own, and isn’t just any other European country, with just slightly warmer weather. Lanzarote has character.

What we did this time

We were in Lanzarote in the beginning of October, for around a week. We started going back to the island three years ago, just me and my father, so that I could learn to dive at the same diving centre he did. The centre is now located in Puerto del Carmen on beautiful Playa Chica. This year my boyfriend joined us as well, for his first dive. It’s a sport I instantly fell in love with, me being a water baby and all. It is definitely a community worth exploring if you love the water, or want to try something new. The beach and the dive centre is also set on one of the most wonderful places to dive on the island.

This time E and I also rented a scooter and drove to the south of the island to explore. This is also something I would absolutely recommend doing on any trip. It lets you get away from the larger resorts, and since Lanzarote is so small, it wouldn’t take you too long to get around the entire island. Our mission was to find some of the top ten beautiful beaches, however on searching the map, and google, we found that the one we usually go to is on that list. Sadly this time we were stuck in bed ill for a good part of the trip. But, next time I go, the plan is to make a proper guide to Puerto del Carmen.

Have you ever been, and what are your thoughts?