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Hello! Thank you for visiting to my little corner of the internet. My name is Sophie, and I'm a 22 year old creative soul from Norway.

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My December Plans

December 9, 2019 No Comments

We are already nine days into December, and I’m writing this now. Just a little late, but let’s let that slide for now. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m so ready for it. The reason I’m so late on writing this post, is that my first week of the month was spent preparing for, and sitting, my exams. They’re all completed now, and I think I’ve done alright. It feels so great to be finished! I actually wake up in the morning now feeling refreshed. I’ve also taken a few days off, and spent them relaxing in Lillehammer with my boyfriend. The first Christmas film will be put on this evening, and then I head back home again tomorrow. I thought I’d go through my December plans with you as it’s always a rather festive month, with lots happening. I always find it nice to read about people’s traditions, so please tell me about yours in the comments.

Week 50

This week is my last week at home and of work before I go away. The flat needs to be tidied and freshened up as we are getting visitors. And also because I need to hide everything that has to do with school work. Currently there’s papers lying all over the floor. Wednesday I have the whole day set aside for that and more importantly decorating the Christmas tree. This year I’ve finally started a bauble collection. I’ve gone for the colour champagne, but more on that later. Thursday I’m working, and on Friday I need to buy just about all of the Christmas presents for my loved ones. Saturday there’s work and then a Christmas party in the evening with my friends. Then on Sunday I’ve got to pack for Spain.

Week 51

And then suddenly a friend and I are off to the Canary Islands again. Nothing special planned for this week except Christmas movies, and music on the plane. This time everything is sorted in advance, meaning all we have to do is lie on a sun lounger for a week, reading books and eating good food. I haven’t spent December outside of the cold since 2004, so I’m looking forward to this. Hoping I can keep the Christmas spirit alive no matter the weather. There’s a bunch to do at the hotel, and if we feel like it there’s always exploring the island as a possibility. We’ve already spotted a few places we want to go.

Week 52

When I get back I’m spending the morning of the 23rd with my boyfriend before he goes to Denmark. Then I go home, where our guest from England have already arrived. Christmas Eve is when we celebrate Christmas in Norway so we have a couple more friends coming over. We are having reindeer for dinner, and will be opening presents in the evening. It’s always a wonderful night with loved ones. On the 25th we’re having turkey and another family night. The next few days are spent with the family as well, playing board games and watching films. After that I plan on going out, and having another Christmas dinner with my friends from home.

Week 1

This year apparently ends in week 1. The last few days before New Years, my boyfriend and I are going to spend together after a lot of time apart in December with traveling and exams. Then the 1st January is my best friends birthday so I’m going to celebrate New Years with her, and meet up with my boyfriend again around midnight so we get to go into the new year together.