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Sophie Moss

Hello! Thank you for visiting to my little corner of the internet. My name is Sophie, and I'm a 22 year old creative soul from Norway.

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Focus on me

August 11, 2019 2 Comments

Wow! So much has happened since I last sat down and wrote. Since I last blogged. This is a new website for me, and I finally feel like I like the look of it. That this is somewhere I can feel at home, and share. Since I last blogged properly I have finished my final year at business school and written my bachelor thesis. And I’ve moved – not only on the web, but geographically as well. Everything is just about unpacked and I’m ready to start again, in a sense. I’ve finished a degree in business administration, but apart from the part of my degree focused on marketing I wasn’t quite in my element.

I’ve honestly felt so lost lately. Especially my last year in Oslo, and it was definitely time for a change. Where I live now, in my hometown, I can afford to save money. Money for my future, and for taking care of myself as of right now. I grew up traveling. Exploring new languages and cultures has always been a part of who I am. This year I intend to find that again, to go where I am my happiest. I am also going to be a student for another year, but this time online, to give me more freedom. The program I am starting as of next week is digital media design. Part of what I learnt the past three years is the importance of doing what you love. I might be good at other stuff as well, but I’ve always played around with design and aesthetics. So, from now on that is what I’m going to do.

This year is about me. The focus is on me. Taking care of me. Making sure that I am happy. That means studying hard, but enjoying my studies. Engaging in them in a way that I haven’t before. That also means taking time off when my mind and body need it. It means prioritising going to the gym and eating healthily, because there’s finally time and energy for it. It means going abroad, picking up my Spanish where I left it in 2014, putting on a facemask and reading a book when I need it – instead of stressing. And it means being able to enjoy fashion and art again. Because right now I’m giving myself all the time in the world.