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Hello! Thank you for visiting to my little corner of the internet. My name is Sophie, and I'm a 22 year old creative soul from Norway.

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A Love for Denim

May 23, 2020 No Comments

We’ve taken a lot of photos lately, and this series is probably my favourite one ever. A while back I for some reason decided to shy away from denim for a while, but this set I feel brought me back on track. The jacket came with either a matching pair of trousers or the skirt I’m wearing here. The skirt, I feel, was the most different choice for me and I love pushing my style more lately, and playing around more with what I wear.

My Fluffy Pancake Recipe

April 24, 2020 No Comments

Not unlike the Dalgona Coffee recipe I shared a little while ago, Japanese Fluffy Pancakes have taken over the internet this spring. Having so much time at home lately has given me a chance to play around in the kitchen a lot, and these cloud-like pancakes have been made at least five or six times in our home. I’ve also shared a few snaps of them over on my Instagram and since then the recipe has been highly requested. 

I’ve read a few different recipes on these and also seen a few different youtube videos. After a bit of trial and error, I’ve figured out what I think works best. Those tips are what I’ll be focusing on in this post. 


2 egg yolks, 2 tbsp milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 30g flower, ½ tsp baking powder
2 egg whites, 2 tbsp sugar

What to do

Whisk egg yolks, milk and vanilla extract until frothy. Sieve in flower and baking powder. Whisk together. 

In a separate bowl whisk egg whites until light and frothy. Add in sugar a little bit at a time. Whisk until you have a stiff, glossy meringue. 

Now heat up a pan to a low-medium heat. Make sure the pan is greased, but wipe over with a paper towel to avoid any lumps of fat. 

Then add ⅓ of your meringue into the egg yolk mixture. Fold in the rest of the meringue taking care not to break any air bubbles. Now you have your pancake mixture. Pour this into a piping bag. (You can just use a spoon, but a piping bag gives you more control).

Pipe 3 small pancakes onto the pan. Wait for about a minute. Pipe another layer of the mixture on top of the 3 pancakes. I’ve found that 2 layers didn’t give me as much of a fluffy effect as a I wanted. I therefore usually wait another minute, and add another layer. Put a lid on the pan and let them fry for 3-4 more minutes, until they’re firm enough to flip, as with any other pancake. 

When they’re ready to be flipped, carefully tip them over. Put the lid back on and leave for another 3-4 minutes. Then they’re ready. I like to serve mine with cream or ice-cream and fresh berries. 

They’re a perfect weekend treat. If you try them I hope you enjoy! Please do send me a snap of your version over on Instagram, I would love to see.Have a lovely weekend x

When Summer Comes

April 23, 2020 No Comments


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The last week has been so lovely I haven’t managed to focus properly on anything I think. Before the weather changed I was so inspired, and I actually enjoyed spending so much time inside. It made me incredibly productive. This last week however its been lovely weather in Norway. We’ve barbequed, had picnics in the park (away from anyone else of course), and spent most of our time outdoors. Yesterday I even got to wear my first proper summer outfit of the year. This social distancing has meant a lot of online shopping, and amongst the orders were this lovely satin skirt from NastyGal and this gorgeous summer top, with a tie-back from Nelly.

How to Make Dalgona Coffee

April 13, 2020 No Comments

Chances are you’ve seen this coffee on Instagram already. It even made its way to me, a non-coffee drinker. If you know me, you know I prefer a cup of tea. Nevertheless, it looked incredibly inviting, the weather was perfect for an iced drink and my boyfriend does drink coffee so I thought I’d give it a try. He loved it and even drank half of mine. I enjoyed it too, but can’t handle too much coffee at a time.

Like pictures of the coffee, the recipes for it are everywhere. In fact, I stumbled across another one on Instagram as I was writing this. But if you’d like to give it a try, and haven’t found one yet – here it is:

Whipped coffee recipe

Add equal parts instant coffee, granulated sugar and hot water to a bowl.
I used two tablespoons of each and that was just enough for our
two glasses, in reality, it was enough for one serving.
Whisk together using a hand mixer for around to minutes,
until light and frothy.

Fill your chosen glass or cup with ice cubes and milk.
If you’d like a hot drink instead, heat the milk and add to a cup.

Pour the whipped coffee on top, then stir into the milk. Enjoy!

How I Plan on Spending My Time at Home

April 8, 2020 No Comments

I’ve never addressed anything this serious on my blog before. I try to keep this space directed more towards everyday life and style. However the coronavirus has impacted all of us, and it’s safe to say that life isn’t what it was a few weeks back. This blog post will be all about how I’m spending my time during the outbreak, and how I’m dealing with it.

If you’re looking for general information on how to deal with the situation and what to expect please consult other sources and your local government. If your Norwegian like me, please find more information at fhi.no and helsenorge.no

Let me start off by saying that I am aware that I could be in a much worse situation than I am, and that I also understand and respect that we are all having different reactions to what is happening. I had just gotten my job as cabin crew in January and had been flying for about two months when the outbreak hit Scandinavia. I had just gotten my dream job, and barely had time to enjoy it before we got laid off. We were expecting it, and luckily there’s still hope that #wewillflyagain. I can’t wait to hopefully get back on the wings. As I’m writing this it’s looking like Norway will slowly be opening up again. In the meanwhile, I’m staying inside as much as I can.

Since I can’t exactly work from home I quickly decided to spend this time in a productive manner. I still see my week as a working week, where Monday to Friday are spent doing tasks I’ve given myself as well as prepping for the one exam I have in May. Here’s what I (want to) spend my time doing during social distancing. What I have time to do will of course depend on how long this lasts (hopefully I won’t have time to do any of it). This is my way of keeping busy and staying sane at the moment.

Learn spanish

Languages have for as long I can remember been a fascination of mine. I grew up speaking two, and I think that has helped me a lot. Spain was always like a second home to us, and my dad would push me to order our food or the bill anytime we ate out when we were there. I’ve always played language games on the computer, and when I was sixteen we lived outside of Barcelona for half a year. I can quite easily get around in Spain using Spanish, but I can’t have an intelligent conversation in the language. I’d love to change that. Therefore I try to read one chapter of Spanish grammar a day, watch La Casa De Papel in Spanish and with Spanish subtitles and read a Spanish fiction novel (currently reading La Chica del Tren).

Read all the books on my shelf

There are sooo many books that have just been bought and stuck on the shelf. I used to read all the time when I was younger, but lately I’ve been glued to the telly. I’m not proud of it, but that’s the way it has become. Once in a while, when I do read, I have my nose stuck in the book until I’ve read it through. I think now would be good time to dig into that pile.


I have one exam left, ONE. I was quite ill last April and missed two of my exams, and therefore couldn’t complete my business degree. In a month I have the last one of those two. It’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, but at the same time I think it’s one of the things that is keeping me going right now – giving me mission.

Creating content

I love having a blog. I love taking photos for my Instagram account. I love playing around with different looks, and making it all work together as a brand. My brand. It has for a long time now, been a goal of mine to post more consistently, and to work with brands I love. It was always the plan to do that this spring, but being stuck at home is really pushing me to do so and be more creative. I love that I’m able to post daily on Instagram now, if not more, and that I’m for the first time in a while using this blog the way I always intended to. I feel like this time is giving me a chance to create good habits. I’m also thinking I might even get the courage up to create a YouTube channel after a while.

Tidy & clean

I don’t think I’m the only one with a flat or house cleaner than it has been in years right now. I can promise you with all the living out of a suitcase I’ve been doing so far this year (not only for work, but travelling in all my free time) the place has been a mess. I’ve already got it all cleaned. My next goal is to go through all the drawers, and organise everything that’s inside.

Plan a business?

It has been a childhood dream to own a creative business of sorts, and for Christmas, my grandparents got me a book called How to Run a Successful Design Business. If I’m still laid off when my exam is over I’m definitely giving that a read to see if there is actually a chance and if I can learn something interesting from it.

I hope you are all staying safe, following the guidelines given and staying in touch with your loved ones. This might seem like an extensive list, and I want you to understand that I’m only doing these things when I feel like I have the energy and mindset to do them. It is more than OK to take a break and take care of yourself as we are going through something incredibly difficult. Sending you all my love.

Current Obsession: Pinterest

March 29, 2020 No Comments

I’m sure you have already heard of Pinterest. It’s not a new phenomenon exactly. The app has been on my phone for a good couple of years and I have always used it, but not as a daily thing. This last half a year, however, I’ve become obsessed. The reason for that is that I began to use it as a business tool. I began pinning. I’ll get further into that later on in the post. For right now, here is a list of the reasons why I love Pinterest:


The one thing I’ve always used Pinterest for is gathering fashion and outfit inspiration. I love seeing how other people get creative with their clothes, and if I don’t know what to wear one morning I go directly to my style inspiration board. The other thing I began doing this autumn is using it for a photo inspiration board. The two go hand in hand, and there are definitely a few pins that are saved on both. But there are so many great content ideas out there that get the creative juices flowing. I couldn’t not have a separate board for it.

Saving things from other Platforms

This is probably the biggest reason why I became obsessed. I stumbled upon Emily Luciano’s Pinterest and realised that she was using it in a much more clever way than I had ever thought of. So I instantly switched my account to a business account and connected it to my Instagram and blog. I then deleted all my old boards and created new ones better suited for how I wanted to work with the platform. This prompted me to start pinning my own content on boards specifically for my blog and Instagram. From there I also started pinning everything I found inspiring, especially from other accounts I follow on Instagram. I’ve found that posts are more easily accessible on Pinterest than using the Instagram save function (although that is also a favourite).

Great tips on everything business-related

You can find anything you’re looking for on Pinterest. I once found detailed drawings on how to design cars (I was trying to convince my boyfriend that he needed to download the app – it didn’t work). I’ve always had a very creative side, and my dreams have always been on the creative side. If you asked 10-year-old me what I wanted to be when I grew up the two main answers where a fashion designer and a writer. I’m at a place in life now where I have a steady job, which gives me enough free time to start, if not pursuing, then at least playing around with those creative dreams. There are loads of great pins out there leading to blog posts and articles with tricks of the trade, and tips on how to get started – whether it be fashion design, blogging, writing a book or designing a house.

Motivation, Inspiration & self-care

Another thing I save a lot of, and that therefore always ends up in my feed are good quotes. Now I know this might seem a little cliche to some, but I’ve always had my nose stuck in books and I looove a good, inspirational quote. Along with them also comes lists stocked full of tips and tricks on habits, routines and so on. I find they motivate me to get a good bedtime and morning routine for example. That way my days feel a lot better as well.

Food, travel & Home

Last but not least, Pinterest is full of great recipes, interior design ideas and travel tips. It’s a great way to discover new places when your out in the world. On my travel board I have saved list upon list of where to go when in New York, when in Paris and so on. There are lists specific for resturants in different cities, as well as tourist attractions and some (my favourites) with hidden gems, such as wonderful little corner cafes and parks. 

Those were a few of my favourite ways to use the platform. Let me know below if you have any other Pinterest tips and tricks.

Little Black Dress

March 25, 2020 No Comments


Every girl needs a little black dress. Also known as LBD. Magazines taught us that at an early age. It’s an essential piece of your wardrobe. I got my last one four years ago. It was velvet and had lace detailing on the top and bottom. It wasn’t that flattering on. Nevertheless, I wore it many a time after I stopped liking it because a little black dress is so simple to slip on whenever you’re at a loss for what to wear.

The dress, blazer and sunglasses are all from NA-KD. The bracelet is from ZARA and earrings are from H&M.

I did my first-ever collaboration with NA-KD over on Instagram a few days ago (which I’m ever so proud about by the way, because I’ve loved their clothes for so long now) and for that, I picked out this new black dress. I love the cut over the shoulders and the high neck on it. It’s the perfect length and so comfortable. To me, this is a more sophisticated take on the LBD.

The Change I Made For The New Year

February 3, 2020 1 Comment

We’ve just gone into a new decade. It’s 2020. It has been a while since I last blogged, and things have definitely changed quite a bit in the meantime, so I thought it was time I caught up with you again and let you in on the news. In August I wrote a post I called “Focus on me”. You can read that here. In the post I might have touched upon a few of the same points that I will here, but from a slightly different point of view. I had just finished my last year at business school, had moved back home and enrolled in a design program at another university. It felt like the right choice at the time. The gist of the post however, was that this (school) year was about me. Doing what I needed to be OK.

The program turned out to be quite far off what I had imagined, and with travelling into the city for work every other day, life again got the better of me. So, when I saw an opening for a job as cabin crew in September, I applied without thinking twice. I grew up with a father who was a pilot, but he retired years ago now. When I began my bachelors I moved away from that lifestyle that I loved and grew up with. As a little girl, I dreamed of being a flight attendant and pursuing my creative side in my free time. I got a place on the course that started in January and decided to end my studies after the autumn semester.

It has been an intense three weeks of courses, and another intense week of flying after that. I don’t think I’ve ever been as tired as I am now before, but I also feel a lot happier than I have in ages. I have my release flight tomorrow, and if all goes well I’m “on my own” after that. This absolutely feels like a wonderful place to work, and the right choice for me. I’m hoping it stays that way. Not only does the change of path mean I get to work in a branch I love, but it also means that when I go home I don’t bring a task list with me. For the first time in years, my free time is mine, and not locked up in reading for exams. It means I have time for friends and family, to read books, and travel the way I used to when I was little. I also hope that this means I have more spare time and the chance to create interesting content for my socials. I love snapping photos of what inspires me and sharing my thoughts with you.

My December Plans

December 9, 2019 No Comments

We are already nine days into December, and I’m writing this now. Just a little late, but let’s let that slide for now. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m so ready for it. The reason I’m so late on writing this post, is that my first week of the month was spent preparing for, and sitting, my exams. They’re all completed now, and I think I’ve done alright. It feels so great to be finished! I actually wake up in the morning now feeling refreshed. I’ve also taken a few days off, and spent them relaxing in Lillehammer with my boyfriend. The first Christmas film will be put on this evening, and then I head back home again tomorrow. I thought I’d go through my December plans with you as it’s always a rather festive month, with lots happening. I always find it nice to read about people’s traditions, so please tell me about yours in the comments.

Week 50

This week is my last week at home and of work before I go away. The flat needs to be tidied and freshened up as we are getting visitors. And also because I need to hide everything that has to do with school work. Currently there’s papers lying all over the floor. Wednesday I have the whole day set aside for that and more importantly decorating the Christmas tree. This year I’ve finally started a bauble collection. I’ve gone for the colour champagne, but more on that later. Thursday I’m working, and on Friday I need to buy just about all of the Christmas presents for my loved ones. Saturday there’s work and then a Christmas party in the evening with my friends. Then on Sunday I’ve got to pack for Spain.

Week 51

And then suddenly a friend and I are off to the Canary Islands again. Nothing special planned for this week except Christmas movies, and music on the plane. This time everything is sorted in advance, meaning all we have to do is lie on a sun lounger for a week, reading books and eating good food. I haven’t spent December outside of the cold since 2004, so I’m looking forward to this. Hoping I can keep the Christmas spirit alive no matter the weather. There’s a bunch to do at the hotel, and if we feel like it there’s always exploring the island as a possibility. We’ve already spotted a few places we want to go.

Week 52

When I get back I’m spending the morning of the 23rd with my boyfriend before he goes to Denmark. Then I go home, where our guest from England have already arrived. Christmas Eve is when we celebrate Christmas in Norway so we have a couple more friends coming over. We are having reindeer for dinner, and will be opening presents in the evening. It’s always a wonderful night with loved ones. On the 25th we’re having turkey and another family night. The next few days are spent with the family as well, playing board games and watching films. After that I plan on going out, and having another Christmas dinner with my friends from home.

Week 1

This year apparently ends in week 1. The last few days before New Years, my boyfriend and I are going to spend together after a lot of time apart in December with traveling and exams. Then the 1st January is my best friends birthday so I’m going to celebrate New Years with her, and meet up with my boyfriend again around midnight so we get to go into the new year together.

The Pouch

November 25, 2019 No Comments

If you’re on social media, and you follow any accounts that are fashion related, chances are you will have noticed The Pouch. The clutch could be seen everywhere these past two seasons. I first fell for it when I saw the beige version with a woven effect. However beautiful the bag is, it’s completely out of my price range. I can only dream of being able to afford a designer trend piece like the pouch. So, ever since I first noticed the bag, I’ve been hoping for a high street brand to start selling their version.

There have been a few that have caught my eye. Zara is generally great to go for for a designer dupe, but I never managed to find the bag I wanted there. A few weeks ago I finally found it. Gina Tricot started selling their Alara Bag. This is a smaller version of a pouch, but in the same woven beige I first fell in love with. Like the Bottega Veneta pouch, the Alara Bag sold out quickly, and I was lucky to get my hands on it. You’ll be seeing me wearing it a lot in the weeks to come. Finding things like this is a great way to stay in style, even on a student budget. Links to both the mentioned bags are listed below, as affiliate links. 

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Why Lanzarote is Worth a Visit

November 11, 2019 No Comments

The Canary Islands are a great destination for a relaxing holiday, where you are almost guaranteed warm weather. Depending on what you make of it, and how you prioritize, it can also be a rather affordable place to travel to. My family and I went to the Canary Islands a lot when I was younger, mainly to Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. But we stopped quite quickly. Package style holidays are not my mum’s favourites and I have to admit I agree with her. I often avoid the southern parts of the mainland in Spain, because they’re too dominated by tourists. I quickly miss seeing some form of culture there. Being able to buy Norwegian brown cheese in the local shop in Spain feels completely wrong to me. I often prefer going to smaller towns, and places that feel more genuin.

So, why Lanzarote?

Just hours ago I booked an all inclusive stay on Gran Canaria with a friend of mine, where our main goal is having one week of pure relaxation after a year of hard work. For once, where I’m going isn’t a top priority. What was important was palm trees, a sun lounger and a pool. When we go to Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, we are hardly ever at the hotel. The Canary Islands have an amazing moon-like landscape, far from what you imagine before you go there yourself. This is complemented by the strict building regulations on Lanzarote, where you’ll see no twelve floor hotels, but instead beautiful white houses scattered around towns. This leaves you to see the colourful sunsets over the volcanos and the other islands in the horizon. It feels like the island has a personality of its own, and isn’t just any other European country, with just slightly warmer weather. Lanzarote has character.

What we did this time

We were in Lanzarote in the beginning of October, for around a week. We started going back to the island three years ago, just me and my father, so that I could learn to dive at the same diving centre he did. The centre is now located in Puerto del Carmen on beautiful Playa Chica. This year my boyfriend joined us as well, for his first dive. It’s a sport I instantly fell in love with, me being a water baby and all. It is definitely a community worth exploring if you love the water, or want to try something new. The beach and the dive centre is also set on one of the most wonderful places to dive on the island.

This time E and I also rented a scooter and drove to the south of the island to explore. This is also something I would absolutely recommend doing on any trip. It lets you get away from the larger resorts, and since Lanzarote is so small, it wouldn’t take you too long to get around the entire island. Our mission was to find some of the top ten beautiful beaches, however on searching the map, and google, we found that the one we usually go to is on that list. Sadly this time we were stuck in bed ill for a good part of the trip. But, next time I go, the plan is to make a proper guide to Puerto del Carmen.

Have you ever been, and what are your thoughts?

The Open Back Blouse

September 17, 2019 1 Comment

This summer open back tops have been all over Instagram. I never jumped on the trend, until a few weeks ago, when I ordered this beautiful piece from NA-KD. We are headed for autumn now, and it feels like it’s turning colder by the minute in Norway. With its open back and slightly thicker material this top is perfect as a transition piece between summer and autumn.

I plan on traveling a lot throughout this autumn, and for that I’m trying to fill my wardrobe with pieces that can be worn in both the chilly Norwegian weather, as well as in warmer places. Today I wore the blouse with an all black outfit. I paired it with a pair of MANGO sandals I bought in the sale this summer, a pair of black trousers, and a Nelly bag.

I love the button details on the sleeve. So beautiful and simple. 

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Focus on me

August 11, 2019 2 Comments

Wow! So much has happened since I last sat down and wrote. Since I last blogged. This is a new website for me, and I finally feel like I like the look of it. That this is somewhere I can feel at home, and share. Since I last blogged properly I have finished my final year at business school and written my bachelor thesis. And I’ve moved – not only on the web, but geographically as well. Everything is just about unpacked and I’m ready to start again, in a sense. I’ve finished a degree in business administration, but apart from the part of my degree focused on marketing I wasn’t quite in my element.

I’ve honestly felt so lost lately. Especially my last year in Oslo, and it was definitely time for a change. Where I live now, in my hometown, I can afford to save money. Money for my future, and for taking care of myself as of right now. I grew up traveling. Exploring new languages and cultures has always been a part of who I am. This year I intend to find that again, to go where I am my happiest. I am also going to be a student for another year, but this time online, to give me more freedom. The program I am starting as of next week is digital media design. Part of what I learnt the past three years is the importance of doing what you love. I might be good at other stuff as well, but I’ve always played around with design and aesthetics. So, from now on that is what I’m going to do.

This year is about me. The focus is on me. Taking care of me. Making sure that I am happy. That means studying hard, but enjoying my studies. Engaging in them in a way that I haven’t before. That also means taking time off when my mind and body need it. It means prioritising going to the gym and eating healthily, because there’s finally time and energy for it. It means going abroad, picking up my Spanish where I left it in 2014, putting on a facemask and reading a book when I need it – instead of stressing. And it means being able to enjoy fashion and art again. Because right now I’m giving myself all the time in the world.